• Eco Solution

About the Environment

Over 130 years have passed since Thomas Edison invented the incandescent light bulb.
Electricity has allowed society to evolve rapidly, but with development comes
the considerable cost of modern problems like global warming and climate change.
Now, as development progresses further, we must consider the creation of a sustainable society
that can coexist with the natural environment.
Our company believes that the technology behind electrical construction systems can actively contribute
to making an eco-society a reality.

With the implementation of cutting-edge electrical system technologies like LED and ICT,
Shinko Electric strives to reduce environmental impact and use energy efficiently.

Eco Office

Connecting People - Connecting Individuals & Society - Connecting People & Nature
This message is brought to life in the development of our office environment.
We created a feel-good “Eco Office” with natural earth colors like brown
and fresh light green inspired by young leaves.
Our valued employees enjoy a comfortable and fulfilling work life
by providing an airy open environment without borders between departments
- we want to share this harmony of physical and mental sustainability with our customers.

ISO 9001 Certification

Shinko Electric has successfully passed ISO 9001 inspection, the international standard in Quality Management

  • Certification Date
    October 6, 2000
    Certifying Body
    Japan Quality Assurance Organization, Inc.
    Certification Type
    Registered Location
    All Branches (Tokyo, Tohoku, Hokkaido)
    Scope of Certification
    Electrical Systems, Electrical Communications Systems,
    Fire Defense Systems, Telecommunications Systems,
    LAN System Construction Design,
    other construction and related services (periodic inspection)
    • ISO9001
    • ISO9001
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