• Greeting

Connecting People and Community for a Sustainable Society.

Since our founding in 1938, we at Shinko have enjoyed the warm patronage and support of the community
as an expert in electrical construction systems that bring buildings to life.
The development of these safe, secure and comfortable spaces has played an essential role
in the creation of our rich and integrated society.
Our company’s technical skill has continued to shine brilliantly in the fields of quality management,
process management, and safety management. Supported by the trust of our many customers,
we are fulfilling our social responsibility as electrical construction system contractors.

Today, as society works towards environmental load reduction, energy shift has become a pressing issue.
Under these circumstances, our company combines decades of technical expertise with the latest energy-conservation
and energy-production solutions to connect Individuals & Society, Society & Nature,
and Individuals & Nature for a sustainable future.

Our company will continue with this outlook in corporate development and reliable management
to address the diverse needs of our customers and society through electrical construction systems.
We sincerely thank you for your continued patronage and support.

CEO & President, Toshimichi Momma